“So nice to talk with Kate this morning. I had SUCH a tricky morning with my daughter and afterwards I just felt like I could breathe! Talking it over, especially with someone who understands PDA, is such a good opportunity x thank you.”



“Hi I just want to say thank you to Kate for her counselling session today. She’s finally helped me to piece together many jigsaw puzzle piece of issues that is my life. I feel a stone lighter from our chance to chat this morning x thank you!!!”



“Thank you Kate for your kindness today in providing me time to talk with someone who ‘gets it’ and who understands all the daily difficulties us parents face and all the emotions that come with this.”



“I had a session with Kate last week. She was incredibly helpful and I came away feeling hopeful and with some specific tips on how to manage things better. She sent me some really useful info after as well. Would love to do her full course if possible.”



” I have known Kate professionally for many years and she brings warmth, empathy and a caring attitude to all her client work.  An experienced person-centred counsellor, she also has extensive expertise with PDA and how it affects children and families.  I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Dr Sandy Hewitt


“I have known Kate for several years both as a good friend and through volunteer work supporting and advising the parents of children who have PDA. Kate is considerate, caring and I trust her completely. I have no hesitation recommending Kate as a counsellor to parents who are struggling with their children’s challenging behaviour.”

S Watt. Stratford upon Avon 


“Kate is a great counsellor, in fact she is the best counsellor I’ve been to, and I have been to a few. She was friendly, and spoke to me like a friend and not a client. She has helped me get over a lot of my issues and a lot of the skills and tips she has taught me have already made a huge impact on my life. My anxieties have reduced since seeing Kate, and I would highly recommend her”  



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