Work With Me

I offer a confidential, empathic and non-judgemental service in a pleasant and relaxed environment. Together we work through the difficulties that come with caring for a challenging child, allowing an exploration of your deepest feelings, thoughts and fears.

Each session is designed to address each individual client’s specific needs. For many, the opportunity to talk in a safe space to someone who has walked in their shoes makes all the difference.

The steps below give an idea of the process that counselling often follows, attending to personal pain, lost expectations, coping strategies, resilience and self care and progression.

A Walk In My Shoes

A Six Module System for Parents


Step 1

Addressing the fear. A person-centred counselling session focussing on challenges, fears and personal pain. Digging deep into lost expectations and core values.


Step 2

Reframing the challenges. A CBT approach to the specific issues and how they can be experienced differently.


Step 3

Supporting our child. Skills and techniques for managing behaviours. Includes parenting skills and sign posting to other resources.


Step 4

Resilience. Strategies for Sanity! The benefits of Mindfulness and letting go of our attachments.


Step 5

Self-rediscovery. What about me? An exploration into living out our true passions to create a more fulfilling life’.


Step 6

Tool Box of Tactics. Pulling knowledge together to helping our family flourish.